Southern Asia Bible College is a premier theological institution of the Assemblies of God in Southern Asia. We are situated in the city of Bangalore, India. Established in 1951, we have been part of the Christian ministerial formation of more than 3000 men and women who are serving the Lord in various leadership roles in different parts of South Asia and around the world. SABC is an integral part of the world-wide fellowship of the Assemblies of God.

Our Mission:  

SABC’s mission is to develop leaders for the transforming ministry of the Church in Southern Asia through quality theological education with a Pentecostal emphasis.

To fulfil its mission, SABC has formulated the following aims and objectives:

1.To build and strengthen Christian character and commitment, by emphasizing personal and community spiritual disciplines essential to the educational process.
2.To provide Christ-centred, biblically - oriented graduate studies, designed to enrich students with a well thought out faith which will speak with integrity to our present pluralistic society.
3.To impart social attitudes and skills that will enable students to understand and relate effectively in a multi-faceted community.
4.To motivate and train students to advance the growth and mission of the church, by providing regular and meaningful ministerial opportunities.
5.To provide and facilitate activities for the physical well being of the student as an integral part of our interest in the development of the whole person.