General Requirements

Candidates who seek admission to SABC must have:

  • Completed 18 years of age as on the 31st March of the year of application
  • A definite Christian experience
  • A clear conviction that they are called to God’s service
  • A desire and willingness to be prepared for effective Christian ministry
  • A reasonable proficiency in the English language. All candidates are required to take an Entrance and Placement test for English competence. Based on the performance in the test, candidates may be disqualified for admission or be required to take remedial English courses

Financial Aid and Scholarships

At SABC, we believe that financial need should not keep any deserving and qualified candidate from applying for admission and studying at SABC. We do our utmost to provide substantial work scholarships and scholarship awards to needy students.

Work – Study Programme

Students with proven financial need, who are willing to work, may apply to the work – study programme to help meet their financial commitments.

Scholarship Awards

Each year a number of scholarship awards are given to students in senior classes. These awards are granted by the Scholarship Committee on the basis of merit, proven financial need and other criteria specific to each scholarship grant.