Master of Divinity – Integrative

This is an upgrade programme for those who have completed Bachelor of Theology degree from accredited/affiliated colleges. The programme is of two years duration and includes two residential modules and four distance-learning modules.

After the first residential module (June —October) students continue with three distance modules for one year (while being involved in ministry in their own places) and come for the final residential module in the month of October in the following year.

The requirements for admission include:

  • a minimum of second class in any recognized disciplines
  • a minimum of one-year practical ministry experience after graduation,
  • pass a qualifying examination set by the college.

Fees for the Integrative Programme

Master of Divinity (Integrative)


Day Scholar

Introduction Module 3,000.00 3,000.00
Residential Modules – (Two)
Annual Fee & Registration 6,000.00 6,000.00
Tution 25,000.00 25,000.00
Cafeteria 20,000.00 8,000.00
Accomodation &Utilities 25,000.00
Distance Learning Modules – (Three) 6,000.00 6,000.00
Course Fee & Mentor Fee
Total Fee 80,000.00 48,000.00

Payment schedule of Fees for Master of Divinity (Integrative):

Initial Payment
Due before April 30, 2012
First Instalment Fee
Due by June 15, 2012
Second Instalment Fee
Due by October 18, 2012
Third Instalment Fee
Due by October 15, 2013

Rs. 10,000.00

Rs. 32,000.00

Rs. 6,000.00

Rs. 32,000.00

Rs. 10,000.00

Rs. 16,000.00

Rs. 6,000.00

Rs. 16,000.00

Advance Payment:
You may choose to pay the fee for the whole year in advance (before June 30, 2012) and avail a discount of 2% upto a maximum of Rs. 500.00

Non – recurring Charges:

Application and Prospectus
Application Processing
Orientation Fee
Research Residence Fee
Late Registration [per day]
Fine for unauthorised absence [per day]
Examination Retake [per course]
Repeat of Course
Graduation Fee 
Transcript Fee [Inland]
Alumni Association Annual Membership

Rs. 200.00
Rs. 200.00
Rs. 1,000.00
Rs. 3,000.00
Rs. 100.00
Rs. 200.00
Rs. 250.00
Rs. 750.00
Rs. 1000.00
Rs. 400.00
Rs. 1000.00
Rs. 300.00

Fee Payment

1. All fees payable to SABC should be paid by means of either cash, Money Order or Demand Draft drawn in favour of ‘Southern Asia Bible College’. Cheques will not be accepted.
2. Application and Prospectus Fee must be paid along with the request for the same.
3. Admitted students are required to pay the Annual Fee and Pre-Theology Fee of Rs. 8,000.00 on or before May 15, 2012.
4. The fees must be paid in two installments:
The First Installment (Annual Fee and 50% of the remaining fees) must be paid on the day of registration for the first semester.
The Second Installment (All pending dues) must be paid on the day of registration for the second semester.
5. Advance Payment:
Students may choose to pay the fees for the whole year in advance (before June 30, 2012) and avail a discount of 2%, up to a maximum of Rs. 1,000.00.
6. Deferred Payment:
Students may apply for deferred payment option on following conditions:
This provision is only permitted by the administration on proven cases of need on legitimate grounds.
Payment of fees on a monthly basis paid before 10th of each month.
7. An additional service charge of 5% shall be added to the differed or delayed payment.
Rs. 100.00 fine per month will be levied for delayed payment over and above the additional service charge.
8. For students to be eligible to write the final examination, they must have paid all fee dues for the current semester in full.
9. The College reserves the right to revise the fee structure as and when deemed necessary.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

At SABC, we believe that financial need should not keep any deserving and qualified candidate from applying for admission and studying at SABC. We do our utmost to provide substantial work scholarships and scholarship awards to needy students.

Work – Study Programme

Students with proven financial need, who are willing to work, may apply to the work – study programme to help meet their financial commitments.

Scholarship Awards

Each year a number of scholarship awards are given to students in senior classes. These awards are granted by the Scholarship Committee on the basis of merit, proven financial need and other criteria specific to each scholarship grant.